FUHR co. was founded by Zoe Fuhr in 2016 in Vancouver, BC. After years of accumulating fashion illustrations, she finally took her designs to Indonesia with the intention of having only a few samples made. Upon the day of arrival, she connected with a family who was more than happy to work with her and her vision. After visiting textile stores and markets in both Bali and Java, she was excited by what was available. After two months of travel and fittings, she returned home with an entire Spring/Summer ’17 collection of over ten styles. 

With an education in both Visual Arts and Fashion Marketing, she always knew she wanted to start her own business. The goal with FUHR co. is to take her love for fashion design and contribute to the bigger picture of clothing manufacturing. Rather than using fashion as a way of classifying or segregating people, the brand goal is to bring people together. Recognizing the environmental and social impact clothing manufacturing has had on our planet, FUHR co. works with naturally sourced fabrics and dyes to create clothing for all genders. Partial proceeds from all sales go towards Clean Clothes Campaign, a global organization dedicated to improving the lives of garment workers in Asia.